About  Us 

We purchased our condo in 2014 after looking for several years for the right condo in the right location, we found it!       Easy walk to campus, Bryant Denny Stadium, The Strip, even downtown Tuscaloosa is less than a mile from Home Sweet Alabama Home!  

This picture is the perfect reason why we love Home Sweet Alabama Home at Crimson Condo! 

Hosting our daughter and her friends on Game Days!    It is also why our guests love Crimson Condo!   It feels like home!  When your college kid wants to come see mom & dad  because they love where you are staying, you know you have found Home!  

This has become our second home and it really is hard to leave.  Many Thanksgivings, graduations, birthdays and other special occasions  have been celebrated with family and friends  at our Alabama  home.  

We hope that you too feel like you are at home when you are our guests at Crimson Condo.  

Andrew & Deborah  Simmons